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Stoner Post-Punk band In The Rosemary Dreams release new album "Day After Night Before"

On their new album "Day After Night Before", the Brazilian trio In The Rosemary Dreams dives head first into their proposal. Merging Stoner-rock with Post-punk. A somber atmosphere persists throughout the album, perhaps due to vocalist Anderson Lima's deep voice like Mark Lanegan or Peter Murphy or the existentialist theme of the lyrics. But the dancing grooves between drums and bass, added to the powerful guitar riffs, bring a unique contrast to the trio.

“Hate the Hit” opens the album with a feeling of urgency. All These Thorns (the first single presented) pours tons of weight but doesn't sound predictable or exaggerated like “The Myth of The Innocence”. “Digital Jesus”, “The Wave” and “Waste” have a mature and captivating balance. “Why do you feel so tired?” It has a more rhythmic tempo but without seeming corny or out of place in the context of the album. In “Secrets upside down” it seems to mix all the band’s influences and inspirations in a single song.

 A work for attentive ears and open minds, but also for those who just want to listen and dance to different rock ‘n’ roll. For those who like Queens of the Stone Age, Bauhaus, Joy Division and Royal Blood.

In The Rosemary Dreams

 In The Rosemary Dreams is an alternative rock trio that proposes to fuse stoner rock with post-punk. Dense textures, existential lyrics and danceable grooves are the band's trademark. That pours robotic riffs into unpredictable structures. With his CV, an EP, four singles, three video clips and an album. “Rosemary”, as it is known in the independent scene, presents visceral shows that guarantee one thing: You will not remain indifferent!


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