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Steve Lewis unveils new solo project ViOS

Steve Lewis, the former guitarist of the acclaimed UK progressive extreme metal band Der Untermensch, has announced the release of the debut collection from his latest solo project, ViOS. Known for his influential work on the mid-'90s critically praised album "The Man In The Planet," Steve Lewis is once again pushing musical boundaries and exploring new sonic territories with ViOS.

While ViOS retains the challenging, independent, and exploratory nature of Lewis' previous endeavors, this new project sees him delving into fresh, dynamic influences and blending them into cohesive, enthralling soundscapes. Operating without words, ViOS offers three distinct sonic, sensory experiences that paint vivid emotional landscapes through instrumental mastery.

These tracks offer more than just music; they are non-verbal expressions of emotions and ideas, stimuli for the imagination that reveal new depths with each listen. From waves of happiness to troubling whispers of paranoia, from the warmth of summer to cold mechanistic precision, each piece is a testament to Lewis' ability to blend diverse influences into a unified, captivating whole.

Within these tracks, listeners will discover fluid lead guitar work that is jazzy, progressive, and ascendant, unlocking new levels within the music. The result is a series of sonic stories that evoke a wide array of emotions and moods, offering a rich and immersive listening experience.


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