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Steal Thy Roots releases new single and music video "Limit of Opulence"

Steal Thy Roots was born out of the deranged brain of Greg den Hartog. His passion for these two music styles bestowed him the idea to combine these opposites and create something that no living mortal has ever heard before. After sending around some of his first compositions he found a great team to make this journey a reality. Every musician who heard these songs wanted in because they instantly knew that this was something special. These words are just the beginning of this story and there will be much more adventures to come.

Their first release Limit Of Opulence on 18th of november is one of many to come. They are dedicated to let the world hear that these two worlds can come together in a very unique way.

Limit of Opulence is about the deforestation in the world. People with money and power who want to expand their business by removing nature. In the music video you can see how we feel about that.


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