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Splitstar releases their debut Album 'Supernova Vol. 01'

SuSupernova Vol. 01 is an impressive, home-recorded album that showcases Splitstar’s versatility, featuring a mix of multiple different genres. The album was produced and mixed by the Singer/Songwriter of the band Donny J while also including the rest of the band members’ writing and recording.

While the album would fall under alternative rock/metal, there's a wide variety of different genres blended in together, including nu-metal, hard rock, and some grunge. Each song on the album delves into various emotional realms, evoking feelings of introspection, isolation, and adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Parasite One of the songs from Splitstar’s debut album “Parasite” talks about how some people can be compared to parasites, and how difficult it is to get rid of them. These parasites wish the worst on their enemies, yet copy their every move, while simultaneously putting everyone in danger with crazy fantasies. “Parasite” is a mix of metal and post-hardcore making it a fun and energetic song to listen to and vibe to.

About the band

Splitstar is a local band from Miami, Florida who love to play and write music. They were heavily inspired by other bands like Pierce The Veil, Green Day, and Radiohead, while also taking inspiration from Slipknot and Metallica for the drums. Splitstar takes grunge and pop punk guitar riffs and blends them with fast, hard-hitting, heavy metal drums, The band features lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Donny J, lead guitarist Justin Sarabia, bassist Caro Garcia, and drummer Jean Vidal.

Less than a year after forming the band, they released their debut single “Lonely Valentine” and immediately after its release, the band went to work on its next big project: Supernova Vol. 01. It's certain that they will give your ears a refreshing new sound to listen to.


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