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Spanish metal band CROWDED release new EP "Underdogs"

Trained in the quarry of the Municipal Rehearsal Premises of A Coruña (Galicia) and with a

career that begins in 2022, CROWDED have been composing and playing everywhere that

come their way in these two last years.

Their constantly evolving proposal, which ranges from the most classic Thrash to 90s Groove, with “grunge” melodies and Metalcore elements from bands like Trivium and Parkway Drive, crystallizes in their recent release Ribs, in which new directions emerge that point to more modern sounding music.

Numerous venues throughout Galicia already know the resounding sound of CROWDED, which has led them to a second place in the Battle of the Bands at the Flores Rock Festival - a festival in which they also performed - and to be finalists in the Estrella Galicia band competition. Their academic and at the same time irreverent sound proposal has aroused great expectations in Galician Metal, which sees the A Coruña quintet as one of its strongest bets for the future.

CROWDED's good work on stage is reflected in their first EP-format recording, Underdogs (2023), produced by Yago Corral and available on all platforms. Through its five songs, including its new single Ribs, the group shows a restlessness that contrasts with the youth of its members. They sound open, but with personality. Forceful, but melodic. Respectful of their references, but with the necessary insolence to not always do what is expected of a Metal band.

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