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Spanish metal band Core release new single "Mi Nombre es Libertad"

Core present their new song, "Mi Nombre es Libertad", the fourth single from their upcoming EP, titled "Reina de Las Cenizas." This song talks about freedom as if it embodied a real person.

The inspiration

Freedom is something that some people are lucky to have. But getting to that point has been a big battle. Unfortunately, this battle is not over. Every day, all over the world, we see people's freedom taken away. This song is about standing strong against oppression and supporting people's rights to live the lives they want to live.

The concept of the song

With this allegory we want to bring freedom closer to the human being, personalize it and take to the metaphorical field a story that speaks of when we have needed it. From when we pronounced her name and she responded to the call.

A new sound

It doesn't sound like anything 'Core' has written before. This is because we challenged ourselves to write something more adventurous. In the end we fit a lot of ideas into just two and a half minutes.


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