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Southern California groove metal band BlackList-9 shares new album "Fed by Destruction"

Born and bred in Southern California, BlackList-9 is a groove metal band founded in 2013, by drummer, Lonnie Silva (Black Sheep, Impelliteri), and his son, guitarist, Kyle Silva. Writing and jamming in their garage, this father-son duo recruited local musicians and formed a 4-member band. Influenced by Pantera and Alice In Chains, BlackList-9 has created a style and sound in the groove metal genre that is current yet rooted in 90’s thrash.

BlackList-9 introduced their newest band members in 2019—high-octane lead singer, Max Sorg, and bruising bass player, Josh Lee May. 2022 has been an exciting year so far by the release of their new Blacklist-9 recording sessions with award winning producer and engineer, Shawn McGhee (Hell Yeah, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Disturbed and Violet New Breed). McGhee Produced and recorded the band in his acclaimed Las Vegas, Artistry Studio, where they recorded a 5-track EP.

Their cover song "The Jean Genie" has hit over 1 million views on social media and their 4th Step song has reached 750k views and likes in less them 6 month!

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