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Solo goth rock project MAXSWELL release new single "SHE WHISPERS LIKE A GHOST"

MAXSWELL, the solo goth rock project of ETERNAL bassist Maxwell Mahar, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, "SHE WHISPERS LIKE A GHOST". This track is a pulsating gothic dance number that seamlessly blends heavy guitar riffs with influences ranging from old school death metal (OSDM) to '80s synth-pop, creating a uniquely dark and captivating sound.

"SHE WHISPERS LIKE A GHOST" is a quintessential gothic rock song, heavy on guitars and infused with a brooding atmosphere. The track is designed to transport listeners to a black castle where they can enjoy a dance party orchestrated by skeletons playing on a cobweb-ridden house kit. This single encapsulates the essence of goth rock while inviting listeners to choose between headbanging intensity and romantic dance movements.

Maxwell Mahar, known for his deep involvement in the metal scene as the bassist for ETERNAL, brings a fresh yet nostalgic vibe to the genre with MAXSWELL. His solo project is a testament to his versatile musical talent and his ability to blend different influences into a coherent and powerful sound.


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