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Smashing Again release new single announce new album 2024

SMASHING AGAIN release their first independent single “Smashing Again” on all streaming platforms. This recording is an independent release produced by Michel Alioscia Mazzolini and distributed by Distrokid.

The second song “The Golden Rule” has been released on the 21st of September 2023 and

was the 40th most streamed song (pop/rock section) on SoundCloud (week of the 24th of

October 2023).

Other songs will be released in 2024 and will subsequently be part of an album Titled

“Smashing Again” (release date end of 2024).


Smashing Again is Michel Alioscia Mazzolini's alternative rock project. The main goal is to

provide good, authentic and original music with a raw and “unpolished” sound. There are

definitely some influences but Smashing Again's style is for sure peculiar. Michel Alioscia is

the composer of the music and writes all the lyrics, other musician will be added along the

way depending on what will be achieved with the project. Matteo Monicelli plays drums

and adds his personal “touch” to the sound of the songs.


In our songs you can hear the sound of the 90s with some punk and metal influences.

There are also influences from the 60s and 70s and this probably depends on the way we

write our songs (this will be more evident in the next songs).


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