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Sludge-progressive-stoner-alternative metal act Embertears release new EP "Blue Chapter"

Embertears is an independent one-man sludge-progressive-stoner-alternative metal musical project founded in 2021, located in Győr, Hungary. The aim of the project is to create concept albums concentrating on a particular theme. The first album - The Flood (self release) released in April 2022 and available all major platforms, it is describing the full story of the Biblical Flood and the connected events. The Blue Chapter EP is the first part of the story of the Biblical - Book of Revelations (one EP and one album planned to work out the mentioned topic), so the mentioned 2nd album is also working out this theme.

The music is mid-fast tempo metal with heavy progressive elements and also using sludge/stoner riff patterns as well. Closest to music of Embertears: Mastodon, Melvins, Red Fang, Baroness, but also has influences from Soundgarden, High on Fire or Nirvana. Apart from those influences Embertears has a unique music and songwriting structure which supported by strong vocals, tempo and time-signature changes. (tempo - 120-240, time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 6/4 5/4 mainly).


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