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Sinful Ways releases new single ‘In for the Kill’

Sinful Ways is a metal band hailing from Ottawa, ON. Bassist/vocalist Brad Lake formed the band in the mid-2010s, and eventually added drummer Dave Matlak and guitarist Georgio Karapanos to the line up in 2017. Frank Lahache joined the band in mid-2021 replacing the group’s original lead guitarist.

The band had their debut release ‘To Hell Tonight EP’ in July 2019, which contained songs

like title track ‘To Hell Tonight’, which reached #2 on the Top Tracks for August 2019 from The Ottawa Sound, and ‘Apologies’, which received radio play in Australia. Since then, Sinful Ways has played many shows throughout the Ottawa region, including winning a local Battle of the Bands: Heavy Metal Edition in November 2019.

They followed up their EP with the release of two singles ‘No Escape’ in April 2020, and ‘Burst into Flames’, with accompanying music video, in October 2020. Both singles received radio play in Australia. The band’s sophomore release, ‘Darkest Days EP’, containing the singles ‘Bury the Hatchet’ and ‘Manhattan’ was released December 2021.

Sinful Ways’ newest single, ‘In for the Kill’ was released in August 2022, and was premiered at the first annual Panda Fest.


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