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SHRKS, the modern metal trio, present their new single “These Chains”

After releasing their self-produced debut album, the band already had the privilege to

collaborate with international artists. Erik Engstrand, lead singer from the Swedish band

Eyes Wide Open, was the first to see something special in their music, leading to an

absolute collaboration with Erik giving his voice and Kristofer, his band mate, producing the

song at the ES Studio in Sweden.

A collaboration leading to another, SHRKS also had the pleasure to work with Jukka

Pelkonen, lead singer of the Finnish band Omnium Gatherum, for what’s one of their heavier

breakdowns on “Beyond Salvation”.

Having found their formula, the band wanted to explore new sound, bringing the electronic

side to another level, with inspirations from Electric Callboy, Sonic Syndicate, or Bring Me

The Horizon.

This new EP called “Pray For A Clean Death” is produced and mixed by the talented Olivier

Caute at Curtains Music Production, and is mastered by the amazing Miro Kiiski from Miro

Mastering. Alongside this new production, a new line-up was formed to enter this new era

which will bring SHRKS to the stage in 2023.

With inspirations coming from the Gothenburg scene mixed with a modern vision regarding

the use of synths and sound effects, SHRKS will surprise everyone and please those who

are looking for fresh and bright music.


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