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Shadowvale Unleashes Debut EP "Austere" - A Dark Journey into Doom-Metal

hadowvale, the enigmatic band merging doom-metal vibes with a sludge-metal and hardcore edge, proudly presents their debut EP, "Austere." Available now, this five-track collection is a gritty exploration into the depths of their unique sound.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by the renowned @sihopkinson at @electricbearstudios, "Austere" is the culmination of Shadowvale's collective passion and dedication. Each track invites listeners on a journey through darkness, with haunting melodies and thunderous riffs that transport them to a realm of sonic intensity.

As a female-fronted band, Shadowvale seamlessly blends screamed and clean vocals, adding layers of complexity to their music. Their aim is to carve out a fresh space in the metal genre, delivering polished, well-produced tracks that leave a lasting impact.

Since their inception in Summer 2023, Shadowvale has been captivating audiences with their electrifying live performances. Recorded in December 2023, "Austere" marks a significant milestone in their musical journey, receiving rave reviews and overwhelming support from fans and critics alike.

About Shadowvale: Shadowvale is a dynamic band blending doom-metal vibes with a sludge-metal and hardcore edge. With their debut EP "Austere," produced by @sihopkinson at @electricbearstudios, they deliver a haunting and immersive sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of the metal genre.


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