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Science of Disorder releases "Apoptosis", the band's third album

Science of Disorder is releasing the new album "Apoptosis". Produced by Kris Norris (Scar The Martyr, Darkest Hour) and Drop (Samael, Sybreed), the band's third album is heavy, dark, tortured and promises to take the listener back to old-school Scandinavian metal roots.

Science of Disorder is a Swiss metal band formed in 2011 from the ashes of thrash metal band Soulless. The band's music is a mix between old school metal and heavy Swedish sound.

SoD released two albums: "Heart, Blood and Tears..." in 2011, followed by "Private Hell" in 2018. The band opened for big names like MEGADETH, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, PRO PAIN, toured with ENTOMBED, SEPTICFLESH and KRISIUN and headlined a 2-week tour of Russia in 2018.


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