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Rock band Bastion Rose shares new single and music video “Coming For You"

The debut EP from Bastion Rose, Fade To Blue, is an unbridled expression of raw emotion and hard-hitting rock that showcases the band’s impressive range and musical depth. The four-track EP features a mix of ethereal soundscapes and hard-hitting rock anthems supported by powerful guitar riffs, all tied together by the band’s signature blend of soulful vocals, intricate guitar work, and driving rhythm section. Produced by three-time award-winning producer David Bottrill, known for his work with bands such as Tool and Muse, the EP is a polished and professional release that captures the raw energy of the band’s live performances.

The EP’s lead single, “Coming For You,” begins with the gentle strum of an effects-soaked electric guitar but quickly rips forward as a charged, electric behemoth and an instant rock classic. The single is set for release on May 14, and is sure to be a hit with fans of classic and modern rock alike. With influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd to Foo Fighters and The Black Keys, Bastion Rose is a band that knows how to write catchy and memorable rock songs that will get your blood pumping.

“Coming For You” is a statement of intent from Bastion Rose, announcing their arrival as a force to be reckoned with in the world of modern rock. With its catchy hooks, soaring guitar solos, and impassioned vocals, the song is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, and sets the stage for what promises to be an outstanding debut EP.

It’s worth noting that the EP is even more impressive given the personal struggles of the band’s frontman and songwriter, Austin Frink. Frink has overcome tremendous loss and personal hardship, including the sudden deaths of both his parents and a cancer diagnosis that left him without his singing voice following surgery. However, despite these challenges, Frink and the rest of the band have persevered and created a stunning debut that stands on its own merits. For fans of classic and modern rock alike, Bastion Rose’s Fade To Blue is a must-listen EP that promises to leave a lasting impression.


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