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Punk power pop band The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters releases new single "Moonlight Girl"

The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters, a punk-influenced power pop band from Harrisburg, PA, USA, just drop a new 6-song EP, Ramona's Basement.

Following the success of several previous EPs and singles, The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters' fourth studio EP, Ramona's Basement (named for their practice space where these songs were crafted), will be released digitally on March 10, 2023 from co-labels Rock Paper Records & Cactus Arm Records. "Moonlight Girl" (released February 10, 2023) is the first single and first track from the new EP. Written by guitarist & lead singer, Wes Griffith, this energetic, guitar-driven love song showcases each member as well as the band's

collaborative and cohesive sound.

The digital release will be followed by an official vinyl release later in 2023 that will feature these six tracks as well as previously released songs that have not yet seen their debut on vinyl.


Formed in the summer of 2017, The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters is the vision of Wes Griffith (vocals/guitar) and Logan Betz (drums/keys), born from their desire to write some catchy tunes, to get out and play live again, and to hang out every week. Tommy Presite joined the duo on bass in early 2018, with Dave Brooks rounding out the roster on second guitar in the fall of 2020. In the last five years, this punk-influenced power pop outfit has made their mark on their local and regional scenes as they continue to write, record, and play live shows. Their 2020 single, "Bat Eyes," was featured on Apple Music's "Breaking Rock" playlist, amassing over 200k plays.

"Moonlight Girl":"Moonlight Girl"


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