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Progressive Thrash Metal Band Innasanatorium Release New Single "Statement Of Intense"

"Hot off the back of their single 'This Too Shall Pass' Innasanatorium have just dropped their second single from their upcoming EP. "Statement of Intense" Is a barnstorming thrasher that incorporates their signature melodic guitars, thrash and groove elements to create their unique sound.

The song starts with Vocalist Adam Mcdonald proclaiming " Living life as a competition, A burning need to always be the best" this theme carries on throughout the song as he touches on the subjects of adrenaline junkies, the lengths they will go to to get their next thrill and how social media has affected a new generation of extreme influencers.

"Harder, faster, higher, more extreme" Is the mindset of this new wave of adrenaline fuelled culture regardless of the damage they could be doing to themselves or others. After the anthemic intro, Innasanatorium flicks the switch with crunchy aggressive guitar tones and the rhythm section locks in a blistering thrash groove that keeps elevating throughout the song until the soaring outro

Innasanatorium are gearing up for a big end of the year with 2 more single releases to round out the EP and will be playing shows to promote the new music. "Statement of Intense" is available now on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp."


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