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Progressive-metal duo PeroPero is back with their third album "Massive Tales of Doom"

PeroPero is a progressive-metal duo from Austria, based in Berlin. PeroPero’s complex and explosive grooves confront drums and guitar with wafting analogue synthesizers, while psycho-aggressive chanting is preaching about an invasion from deep space. The duo’s musical spectrum cannot be easily put into a few words – it reaches from math rock and prog rock to stoner metal.

After a long hiatus, the Duo (which is actually hailing from Berlin/Germany and not the depth of the galaxy) is back with their third album "Massive Tales of Doom" and along with it, an epic music video for their single "The Rip"! The Album is a concept album, dealing with an interstellar event of catastrophic proportions, viewed as a hyperbole to nowadays' big challenges for humanity (global warming, disinformation etc...) and our struggle to deal with it accordingly while keeping our sanity intact.


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