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Progressive metal band Voidchaser unleash their debut EP "Odyssey"

Voidchaser, the progressive metal ensemble based in Montreal and Stockholm, has unveiled their debut EP, "Odyssey," immersing listeners in an amalgamation of metal genres set against an expansive sci-fi backdrop. Influenced by luminaries like Opeth, Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, and Haken, Voidchaser showcases a musical experience that defies conventional categorization.

Comprised of Chad Bernatchez, Jeffrey Lehberg, Jici LG, and Andre Ouellette, the band seamlessly blends intricate compositions, heavy riffs, ethereal melodies, and a rich narrative throughout the EP. Exploring themes of interstellar love and tyrannic power, Voidchaser adeptly navigates between heavy, melodic, and atmospheric elements, capturing the essence of a cosmic odyssey.

Chad Bernatchez (vocals, rhythm guitar, back vocals), Jeffrey Lehberg (lead guitar), Jici LG (bass, synth, back vocals), and Andre Ouellette (drums) contribute to the EP, featuring lyrics by Chad Bernatchez and collaborative music creation. Jici LG manages the recording and mixing, with mastering expertly handled by Benoit Fecteau of 630 Mastering.

The EP commences with the evocative "X-167493," where a lost radio transmission unveils a narrative of a rebel spacecraft evading pursuit by a tyrannical force. Following is the impactful single, "Tyrant," which delves into themes of autocracy and emancipation, setting the stage with commanding vocals, intricate instrumentals, and a profound narrative.

The 8:56-minute opus, "Far Away," explores interstellar love and rebellion, again offering a dynamic fusion of heavy riffs, compelling lyrics, and a captivating storyline. The EP concludes with the poignant "Crusader," delving into the consequences of fighting for one's beliefs, leaving an indelible mark.

"Odyssey" is now accessible on major streaming platforms, beckoning listeners to embark on Voidchaser's progressive metal odyssey that challenges and redefines the genre's boundaries.


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