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Progressive metal band Apeiron Bound shares the video "Emotive Servitude"

The progressive metal band from Florida, Apeiron Bound, shares the video "Emotive Servitude". The track is a high energy progressive metal song that blends elements of extreme metal, electronic, and arena rock. Blending high energy with a hybrid of old and new school vocals topped with avant garde experimentation and memorable hooks. This song comes with twists and turns without being overwhelming while feeling fresh with every listen. FFO: Queensryche, Periphery, Metallica, Opeth, and Devin Townsend.

The musical philosophy of Apeiron Bound is to take elements from the most memorable, accessible melodies and combine them with experimental elements that reach levels of the avant-garde nature. For the visuals, they combine abstract art with new age and sci-fi influences. For the music, the band combine elements of thrash, groove, prog rock, symphonic. fusion, and extreme metal for our own blend of experimental prog metal compositions for a cinematic experience.


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