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Prog metal outfit The Oculist releases debut single/video "Swan Dive"

With their unique fusion of musical styles and genres, The Oculist is set to make a mark in the metal scene

The Oculist is a boundary-pushing prog metal project that defies conventions. With their unique fusion of musical styles and genres, The Oculist is set to make a mark in the metal scene, their debut single, "Swan Dive" is just the beginning.

The Oculist has been formed by two longtime musical collaborators Adam Dunn and Çağrı Tozluoğlu (aka Philamelian). Duo started their journey for this release with spontaneous recordings which lead to instrumental pieces influenced from the vast waters of metal fusion and prog. While these demos were progressing by added sections and developed arrangements, the idea of adding vocals to these songs came up as they were in one of the writing sessions and talking about their common interests of politics, true crime podcast series and altered state of consciousness. Adam came with the first lyrics of the project on the next session and everything written to that day started taking another form and elevated to the next level.

The Oculist’s work has been an eclectic musical playground with elements of heavy guitars, electronics, orchestra, ambient textures to drones and the band positions its sound somewhere in the modern metal heartlands. Aside from his talented songwriting skills and axemanship Adam skillfully shifts between clean vocals to fierce growls as the voice of The Oculist.

Projects other writer Çağrı created a sonic world where The Oculist songs live in with his signature style as a keyboardist and sound aficionado, known in the prog scene from The Hayley Griffiths Band and formerly Karnataka. Project’s backbone, the groove department, features two extraordinary musicians, Simon Fitzpatrick (Carl Palmer Band) on the bass and James Wise on Drums.

Swan Dive produced and mixed in TimbreWorks studios London by Çağrı Tozluoğlu, with additional mix engineering provided by Mesut Güneş of The Sun Sound. Mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Haken, Babymetal) in Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.


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