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Prog Metal Band Appeal To Authority shares new single and video for "Dead Inside"

U.S. Florida Brand is embracing the issues and battles with Mental Illness on this new track

Floridian Prog Metal band Appeal To Authority has shared a new single and music video for the track "Dead Inside" which you can see now.

Dead Inside presents a clear mix, it is an ideal concept, the atmosphere it generates, its style, you can appreciate very well the background work that the single has.

Appeal To Authority is a three-piece American Progressive Metal band based in Jacksonville featuring Larry Schroeder, Stan Martell and newest member Mark Nunnally. This new lineup adds refreshing energy and technical prowess to the band's unique blend of crushing riffs with complex arrangements, bringing to listeners hard-hitting grooves and aggressive prog-like elements.

With influences such as Tool, Megadeth, Dream Theater, and Gojira along with many others, this energetic trio strives to push the boundaries using complex time signatures, technical rhythms, and heavy tones to create a versatile and unique sound. The band is currently recording a six-song EP at Martell AVP, Stan Martell's recording studio in Kingsland, Georgia.

Appeal To Authority are:

Larry Schroeder – Vocals, Guitars, and Keys

Stan Martell – Bass and Backing Vocals

Mark Nunnally – Drums


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