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Primatron releases new single “Broken”

Following the release of the single “Locomotive”, the industrial metal project from Curitiba

Primatron officially launches its new single, entitled “Broken”, composed years ago ago, shortly after Diogo, the person in charge of the project, embarked on a career in security

public, where he could contemplate several of the horrors produced by fragile minds

confronted with frustrated desires.

“The single “Broken” is an attempt to seek a darker sound, explore more cold ones that create an atmosphere consistent with the hopelessness and frustration present in the lyrics.

A lyrical concept addressing desire and incompleteness, the permanent dissatisfaction of wanting the unattainable and the catastrophic effects on the mind of this psychic state. the feeling of if being on the brink of an abyss, alone, seeing your own pain in the image of desire”, comments Diogo.

Production took place at Aly Fioren's Funds House studio. The production took place at the Funds House studio, owned by Aly Fioren (guitarist of the bands Carttada, Urvolk and Sad Theory), in the month of October 2022.


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