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One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell releases second single & lyric video "Ewigkeit der Sterne"

„Ewigkeit der Sterne“ (meaning Eternity of the Stars) is the second single released by the German Progressive One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell on December, 15th 2023 via the common streaming platforms and online shops.

The song is a counterpart to the first single „Mensch und Endlichkeit“ which was about the transience of life and our unsparing certainty about it. „Ewigkeit der Sterne“ now turns away from our earthbound mortality and seeks dreamlike immortality in the infinite beauty of the cosmic gallery.

The progressive rock song stronger emphasizes metal elements featuring lots of double-bass drumming, sawing guitars and atmospheric soundscapes made of choirs, synths, trumpets and strings. The dynamic vocals range from emotional to powerful. They express pure amazement evoked by memories and fanatsies of overwhelming moments of one standing before a sea of stars, gazing into the nightsky in disbelief. How can something be so mighty and beautiful? This amazement comes with the feeling that we all are part of something greater without knowing it.


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