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One-man metal project Syrkander releases new single "Oscuridad Abismal"

A halo of mystery surrounds Syrkander, a one-man project of a Chilean fan of musical

experimentation, who refuses to reveal his identity, seeking that everything focuses on the music he delivers and not on his person.

In his search for originality and disappointed with the current musical situation, which he considers with a great lack of imagination and creativity, Syrkander begins to work on his project developing a premise on which his work revolves:

"A human is standing at the edge of his existence; What kind of thoughts will flood his mind? There is only one answer and one question: The mind is a labyrinth, which way you’ll choose?

This concept leads him to develop ideas that mix mysticism and introspection of people, these ideas, taken to the musical field.

With the idea clear, he decides to do everything on his own: execution of instruments, voice, programming, mixing and production, this with the encouragement that what he tries to transmit is not altered in any way.

This is how in May 2022 he begins working on what would be the first EP "Mind Labyrinth" which would be released at the end of December of the same year. From this release stand out the songs "Memories", "Fear" and "Labyrinth"

Subsequently, he has released different singles, showing the search for versatility, identity and originality in which he is, among them the powerful "Libera Me!" or taking us through mixed airs of Doom and Gothic in "Take My Heart".

He has recently released a new single "Oscuridad Abismal", again seeking to navigate the premise that the mind is a labyrinth.


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