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Nush Unbrushed release new single "Stand by Me"

The artist combines just-out-of-bedroom voice with intimate lyrics and glam hair rock sound inspired by the early 90s

Nush Unbrushed from Finland brings on stage undeniable charisma and presence, characterized as raw, real, and ravishing. This 187 cm tall glamazon combines just-out-of-

bedroom voice with intimate lyrics and glam hair rock sound inspired by the early 90s. Her mission is to bring sexy female lead hard rock back in fashion and to encourage everyone to live their personal truth fearlessly: It is never too late to be who you truly are! Although

having been singing her whole life, her passion transformed into a career choice by accident in Las Vegas 2019.

Professional blues guitarist Gary Hoey, known for several billboard hits, encouraged her to start singing in full force, there was no turning back. Nush Unbrushed has lived abroad and

performed in three continents, having had the privilege to hit the stage together with such rock greats as Lou Gramm, Joe Perry, and Vince Neil. Currently, she is living in Helsinki with

strong ties to the US music scene.

Behind Nush Unbrushed is a die-hard music lover, Annuska “Nush” Arponen, who hid her true calling for years while conducting an international c-level business career until she dared to embark on something she had always wanted. Submitting to the UMK is part of that journey. Unbrushed symbolizes her personal ideology with music –keeping it untamed, authentic, and not-too-polished. She does not believe in “auto-correcting” life experiences,

images or voice: she wants her true emotions and sound to be in the heart of everything she does, keeping it real.

While singing her heart out, Nush Unbrushed brands herself as a Heart Rocker with her trademark being her long naturally curly hair. Past year Nush Unbrushed has been writing songs and working in a recording studio. Now she is gearing up to launch her original

music internationally with several bands in the US already courting her as their lead singer.

About the song:

Stand by Me was recorded for the love for the super fan, who was struggling with drinking and life demons, who loved Nush’s voice so much he pleaded her to do his power song in studio all the expenses paid. Song loved and recorded by so many it is not the obvious cover song choice, but combining the elements of brushed and unbrushed of Nush, it got some original sound and feeling, that defines the singer quite well, she can be sweet and

rough at once.


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