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New York metal outfit Ramener release new single "House of Wolves"

New York metal outfit Ramener just dropped a new single called "House of Wolves" on all music streaming platforms.

Ramener is a newly formed metal band hailing from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2022, the band consists of three explosive musicians: lead vocalist and lead guitarist Richie Pacella, bassist Ricardo Diaz, and drummer Michael Dibella.

Despite being a relatively new band, Ramener has already made a name for themselves in the local scene with their unique blend of heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and thrashing solos and vocals. The Long Island music scene has taken note, as Ramener amasses a bigger following by the day.

Drawing influences from classic metal acts like Pantera and Black Sabbath, as well as modern bands like Trivium and Power Trip, Ramener is carving out a distinct sound that sets them apart from other bands in the scene.

With their talent, drive, and passion for metal, Ramener is poised to make a big impact in the Long Island metal scene and beyond. Keep an eye out for this rising band, as they are sure to bring their unique sound and electrifying performances to metal fans everywhere.


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