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Neo-psychedelic rock Crash Cadet Releases New Single “Knew a Girl”

Boston- based neo-psychedelic rock outfit Crash Cadet released a single “Knew a Girl”, on November 11, 2022. This song is about being attracted to someone a little dangerous, and perhaps not the healthiest, but somehow you can’t help but want to be in their life. That feeling of being dragged into something out of your control, but enjoying the descent while it lasts.

Some songs are quick, others take years to develop. This track had a slow beginning. It started as a simple acoustic guitar and vocal tune, then sat in storage for about 6 years. Josh liked the riff so occasionally the band went back to it and tried different instrumentation and sounds but could never get it to work. This summer they sped up the tempo, re-recorded all vocals, and added the heavy guitars, resulting in the raw, grungy track we have today.


Crash Cadet is an alt-psych rock band from the forests outside of Boston, MA. It is the music of Josh Rathbun, who writes and produces songs out of his DIY basement studio, playing a variety of acoustic and electric instruments. Crash Cadet plays live in the Boston area, with Eric Lemaire on drums and Tuan Treu on guitar. When not in the studio, Crash Cadet can be found wandering in the nearby forests, taking respite from the modern world.

Crash Cadet is:

Josh Rathbun - Guitar, Vocals, Synths

Tuan Trieu - Guitar

Eric Lemaire - Drums


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