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My Perfect Alien: The French UFO Rock Band Returns with Electrifying New Track "KARMA"

My Perfect Alien is back, and they're ready to take listeners on an otherworldly journey with their latest track, "KARMA." This dynamic song is just a taste of what's to come on their new EP, "Under Control," available now.

Combining elements of rock with hints of electro, My Perfect Alien creates a sonic landscape that's as mesmerizing as it is powerful. Mixed by renowned producer Charles De Schutter (Angèle, No One Is Innocent, Superbus), "KARMA" delves deep into the chaos of the human condition, exploring themes of consequence and destruction with uncompromising energy.

Led by melodic female vocals that soar over pulsating riffs and electronic accents, My Perfect Alien invites listeners to embark on a cosmic journey through time and space. Born of a Big-Bang mother and an asteroid father, the band's sound is as complex as it is captivating, blending the raw power of rock with the ethereal tones of electro.

Since their inception in 2014, My Perfect Alien has been making waves in the music scene, captivating audiences with their unique blend of styles and infectious energy. With "KARMA" leading the way, My Perfect Alien is poised to launch listeners into orbit with their exhilarating brand of UFO rock.


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