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Music Round Up - New Releases: The Word Alive, Rat Silo, Sorg and EL KINTANO Y LA VENEREA

This is the best Streaming picks right now, but in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap. The Heavy Melody has rounded up the best new releases below.

The Word Alive - NEW MUSIC VIDEO “New Reality”

The Word Alive have now officially released the studio version of their song “New Reality“. A seventh studio album from the band is currently in the wings with exact details yet to be shared. The video directed by Jake Johnston for the track.

Rat Silo - NEW EP "Unfortunately..."

Sonically prodigious contusive post-rockpunk. Rat Silo are a four piece alternative / hard rock band from Vancouver BC. The band released their record number 5 recorded by Dave Ogilvie.

Rat Silo makes music for desperate times. Setting up tight, bottom-heavy grooves and mixing in samples for added texture makes for a juicy base for the singer. By playing with the usual 3 piece guitar / bass / drums / samples format, it could sound like we are back in the 90’s again, but this stuff is more dynamic and playful.

Rat Silo's music changes organically. The songs have a variety of tempos, and the tempos and dynamics change throughout every song. Rat Silo's songs veer from the thumping and aggressive to the tense and hypnotic. Lyrics are from the urban angst / post-apocalypse / blind-rage bucket.

SORG - NEW ALBUM "Draugar"

Sorg is the brainchild of the Painter, Musician, and philosopher Myrmann. The influence for SORG combines both, a variety of disparate rock and metal genres, and also Myrmanns interest in history, romanticism, Icelandic Folklores, Alchemy, and philosophy. Sorg is a tool for using his voice for to 2 create awareness about spreading love and kill judgement and prejudise in modern Society.

Mýrmann comes from Iceland, small mystical and gloomy Island in the North. His work is heavily influenced by Icelandic Heritage, cultural traditions, the three major elements of the Icelandic nation: The landscape, The rich literature and the old sagas.

The new Sorg album is out now on every major media. The 8 song album, all based around Icelandic Ghost stories.


La Plaga (The Plague) is the first single from EL KINTANO Y LA VENEREA's upcoming album, Océanos Sangrientos. His Post Punk sound was created in 2022 in order to make the new songs sound different from his previous work “Situaciones Perversas”, due to his change in production and mastering.

El Kintano y la Venerea is a solo project created by Santi Polo (Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist of the project) in Madrid, Spain. El Kintano y la Venerea's influences come from Black Sabbath, Joy Division, Judas Priest, Guns and Roses, Janes Addiction, SoundGarden, Temple Of The Dog and Nirvana, although it also draws from melodic influences such as The Smiths or the Stones Roses.


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