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Misery Index Share “Rites Of Cruelty” Music Video

The music video for their song belongs from their latest album, “Complete Control

Misery Index have dropped a Chris Joao-directed music video for their song “Rites Of Cruelty” from their latest album, “Complete Control“. Vocalist/bassist Jason Netherton said of it:

“This video is a sincere shout-out to all the Misery Index fans who made the effort to come and rage with us this past summer on the various ‘Complete Control‘ tours – from festival stages to dive bars, we’ve hit them all, and this video is a tribute to the good times of summer past as we enter the darker months of autumn.

We chose the track ‘Rites of Cruelty‘ as we feel it embodies all the pissed-off energy of our new album in one bombastic faceripper, from blast beats to tank-like breakdowns, it’s become a staple of our live set, and hope you all dig it as well.”


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