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Metal band Toxi Faktory announces new album on 2023

Toxi Faktory is a metal band with an atypical universe, a real UFO of the Bordeaux scene. Their universe so characteristic, drawn from the creation of a sick dystopian sci-fi tale, has them allowed to get noticed, and thus access the best scenes in the region: RockSchool

Barbey, BT 59, Heretic, Festival Les Z'arpètes, Salem... Since their debut, they have had the opportunity to release three demos, now out of print, as well as an album in 2015, "Massive Lies", and to skim the scenes of the region.

Solid and heady quintet, Toxi Faktory plays energetic metal, mixing prog influences, electro or punk. Approaching the public with hindsight and in a theatrical way, the group detonates with a music eclectic and personal mixing his edgy metal with the dementia of electro-indus, all on a gloomy and captivating atmospheric background. The Toxi entity is made up of very diverse influences, which makes its richness and originality. Adrien leans towards goth-metal, Niko is attracted by the sounds industrial like NIN, Floguit is a fan of old classics (AC/DC in mind), Tom leans towards a sound more death (Gojira, Opeth, Manimal ...), while Feulaux is attracted by punk-metal and grind- core. They had (and still have) the opportunity to prove their eclecticism in many side- projects.

This title comes from their second album "The Tower Below". The universe of Toxi Faktory is a kind of sick post-apocalyptic tale, drawing its inspiration in particular from dystopian science fiction literature.

The new album, The Tower Below, is a descent into the depths of the Toxi Faktory, the laboratory that ensures the methodical coherence of the system. The Tower Below is a kind of huge library that contains all the system information. From the point of view of their influences, they tint their metal with prog, electro-industrial and punk.


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