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Metal band Amalgama release new single / musicvideo "Dark Lacroix"

Amalgama, an internationally acknowledged metal band is pleased to announce the release of their new single "Dark Lacroix". This track is the first taste of their much awaited album "Mastermind," ushering in a new chapter in their historic career, which has included four studio albums, several singles, and over 450 significant live performances across Europe.

"Dark Lacroix" immerses listeners in a narrative-rich antithesis of a universe, depicting a digital knight locked in a never-ending war between humans and a race of robots led by the fearsome Mastermind. This song embodies Amalgama's growth, showcasing their unique ability to combine fascinating storytelling with the raw intensity of metal. Amalgama is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously shared the stage with metal legends such as Scorpions and touring with Axel Rudi Pell and Lordi.

In 2023, they continued their adventure by performing with Scorpions, confirming their status in the metal world. In May 2024, they will go on a Latin American tour with Accept, vowing to bring the themes of "Mastermind" to life on stage.


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