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Melodic punk rock band Germinar drops new album “Canto de Aves”

Germinar was formed in early 2022 and released his first EP, “Recordis”, in August of the same year. This EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Cazadores de Sonidos (Buenos Aires, Argentina). During September released a video for “Despertar”. Released his first album, “Canto de Aves” (Bird Songs in English) , on the 17th of March of this year.

“Canto de Aves”, is made of 8 songs recorded and mix in our home studio by lead singer Sebastian Donoso and produced and mastered by Pablo Coniglio (Shaila, from Argentina) and Pablo Brizuela from Cazadores de Sonidos.

Musically the album has elements from classic 90’s melodic punk and lyrically reflect upon personal issues in our lives that can be relatable. Every person is a “bird” and their voice is a “song” that carries their daily struggles."


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