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Melodic Metal project Van Hoose shares new EP "Deliverance"

“Deliverance” is a Melodic Metal project led by Derik Van Hoose, a composer and guitarist with a distinctive approach. Unlike traditional bands, Van Hoose is really all about collaborations, as Derik is open to keeping a broader format, enabling musicians of various backgrounds to bring something special to the table. It’s essentially a unique synergy of kindred spirits in the world of music, united by a deep passion for both composing and performing.

Regardless of conventional genre labels and sonic aesthetics, Derik's vision for the project remains refreshingly straightforward: crafting music that resonates with people and enriches their lives with a very personal twist. The current lineup consists of Derik Van Hoose himself on guitar and bass, Frederik Jensen delivering powerful vocals, and Glenn Welman sitting behind the drum kit.

"Deliverance" envelops listeners in a massive wall of sound, where the guitar tones roar with intensity. The arrangement and instrumentals are structured to create a sense of size and depth, capturing the melodic nuances of Melodic Metal, tipping the hat off influential bands like In Flames. Adding to the EP's distinctive character is Frederik Jensen's commanding vocals. His singing style mirrors the energy and power of the instruments, amplifying the uncompromising edge of the music.

The sound of this release is a sonic onslaught characterized by its deep thunderous bass lines, nuanced guitar riffs and growling vocals that soar through the mixes. The musicianship of the band is particularly notable, as the group is able to seamlessly combine dark and haunting ambiance, with powerful melodies and blistering aggression throughout. The interplay of the melodic elements and relentless intensity of the music forms a unique, emotionally charged experience, showcasing a level of artistry and innovation that sets it apart.


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