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Melancholic doom metal project WEEPING KIN releases first album "Gnawing"

WEEPING KIN is a one-man project by musician Tom Ott from Germany, setting out to create the most melancholic doom metal possible.

WEEPING KIN is inspired by bands like My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth and Swallow the Sun. The music incorporates crushingly heavy yet melodic dual guitars, slow, thundering rhythms and a mixture of sorrowful and melodious vocals.

Founded in 2021, the first album Gnawing was released in December 2022 and is around 60 minutes long. The lyrics are personal and layered and often written in a stream of consciousness. The artwork, depicting a large spider towering over a terror-stricken woman with child, was designed by Lord Gawad, inspired by “The Black Spider” by Franz Karl Basler-Kopp.


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