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Medussah releases "Punto de Fuga", album brings out a heavy dose of pure relentless metal

The band from Yecla, Spain is formed by Francisco Candela and Hugo

Medussah is a metal band from Yecla, Spain. They started our first drifts in the studio back in 2017. It’s formed by two people, Francisco Candela and Hugo. It all starts from the passion of creating music in the studio with the simple goal of enjoying and learning.

They have not defined a specific musical style but among their influences are genres such as metalcore, deathcore and nu metal. The first song they released was "Reflections" in 2017, this version is a demo that has been re-released and re-recorded. It is now the closing track of the album "Punto de Fuga".

After several equipment upgrades (which still remains humble) Medussah released two

new songs "Elemental" and "Fango" between 2019 and early 2020. It is then

when they decided to launch the recording of the first album "Punto de Fuga" that

was self edited and published through "Rock CD Records" on July 29, 2022 after

several unforeseen events that slowed down the recording of the project, which

is done in our usual studio "La Casa Seria".

"Punto de Fuga" is available on different digital platforms such as Spotify,

YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music... Soon will also be published the physical


The musical composition as well as the guitars, bass, drums programming and

lyrics have been done continuously under the close collaboration and inspiration

of both members. The vocals are provided by Hugo Marco.


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