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Magna Zero releases "Eat You Up", track is part of upcoming debut LP 'The Great Nothing'

Following the critical success of their debut EP ‘All Must Go’, LA psych-rock trio Magna Zero announce the release of their first LP, The Great Nothing, due March 20, 2023. FFO Floyd, Radiohead, Tool, Sabbath, Rush, QOTSA, The Cure, The Doors, Jane’s Addiction, NIN.

Rich in sonic versatility, the eleven songs of Magna Zero’s The Great Nothing are a thrilling joyride past distant stars towards the mystic void, which ultimately lies within each of us and is the key to inner peace. As the songs explode and whisper, caress and shred, hope for a compassionate future emerges intact. The band describes The Great Nothing as a journey to ‘be free and let go,’ to ‘give up oneself to find the self’, and to ‘become nothing by paradoxically experiencing unity with everything’.

Featured Tracks: Endure, Step Into The Light, We Are All, Eat You Up.


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