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Magna Zero release the rawness rock single "Endure"

Since releasing their lead single We Are All in late August of 2022, Magna Zero is catching the attention of forward-focused music journalists and curators. Their second single Endure, available now, is a story of love’s lasting triumph over personal pain, fears, and the challenge to approach daily life and all human relationships from the heart. Both songs are from the band’s debut album, The Great Nothing, which is scheduled for release in early 2023.

Band Bio: Join lifelong friends and bandmates David Aubrey, Chris DiCesare, and Jason Moore as they explore what it means to be human through the music of Magna Zero. Journey through a metaphorical black hole with the band as they meld an unforgettable musical experience into their colorful cauldron of Space Rock.

David Aubrey (drums), Chris DiCesare (lead guitar), and Jason Moore (vocals, bass guitar, and keys) grew up playing music together in Moore’s Los Angeles basement. Over the decades, they worked in various collaborative projects, writing original music, recording demos, and playing local shows in and around Los Angeles. In late 2019 when Moore returned home from a ten year hiatus in Denver, the three friends reconnected to form the band Magna Zero.

Soon after their reunion, the initial chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, and the band took solace at legendary producer Mikal Blue’s Revolver Studios, which Aubrey and DiCesare had found for the home of their musical project, The Unknown, after a chance encounter with Blue. As the lockdown ensued, the band jammed in the haven of Blue’s inspirational work space, creating over one hundred musical compositions whose echoes reverberated throughout the stillness of their time together in co-quarantine. These late-night jam sessions, each recorded on Aubrey’s phone, gave the band an escape from the stress and madness of daily life during the throws of the pandemic, providing them with the artistic expression necessary to cope with the challenges of the times. And through their musical camaraderie, the band’s regular, in-person contact deepened their friendship during a time of widespread social isolation.

By early 2022, eleven of the musical works from the band’s early period became the songs comprising their first album, “The Great Nothing”. Recorded and mixed by the band at Moore’s home in the fall of 2021, the album captures the raw, live spirit of the Magna Zero sound, with most of the recordings done as live takes and minimal overdubs used. Aubrey relates the album conceptually to a black hole, with the creative and destructive forces that propel the cycles of life, death, and rebirth throughout all things. As a unified work of art, “The Great Nothing” is a transformative odyssey into a state of flow that is ultimately free of time, place, and self. Moore’s lyrics weave a visceral narrative of lyrical existentialism and transcendence, reflecting both an individual and collective experience of living in today’s uncertain and turbulent world. Mortality, grief, purpose, selflessness, connection, and compassion are key themes expressed throughout the album, as each song explores the ways we change and are changed by our world during today’s pivotal moment of human history.

The name Magna Zero, translated from Latin and Arabic respectively, literally means ‘Great Nothing’. Coined by Aubrey as a title of one of the band’s early compositions and suggested by Moore for the name of the band, the term refers to a state of peace that is beyond the ego, where one experiences harmony and unity with the universe. This is the way the band feels when they play music together. DiCesare describes how their creative process starts from a blank canvas, in an empty space of possibility. This void, or nothingness, is an entry point to a greater sense of peace and connection for the band.

Magna Zero is scheduled to release ‘The Great Nothing’ in late 2022, following several singles and music videos from the album. The band is currently writing material for their second album, performing at private events, and playing guerrilla shows in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


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