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Lavina releases "Myopic" the second single from their upcoming album ODYSSEY

The band's new album is set to release on November 18

Lavina released the second single from their upcoming album ODYSSEY. The mixing and

mastering of the song, as well as the others from the album, was done by the Polish audio engineer Sebastian Has. Andrija Cvetanović (who is also the band's guitarist) and Marko Jocić were in charge of the lyrics video.

"The tone of this song, unlike the previous one - Id, is slightly brighter in nature. We, over the course of our lives, gradually accept the fact that there is little time for us to spend on self-exploration. The struggles of everyday life do not leave us with much room for pursuing that which might truly fulfill us.

We simply put our ambitions and dreams to rest for the sake of comfort, safety and reliability. Under such immense pressure to live a normal life we lose our inner child, our sense of adventure and wonder. This is, of course, quite normal… we all have to mature and accept the burdens that accompany that process. But where should we draw the line? Is it possible to find balance? The song ends on an optimistic note, leaving room for one to rediscover that lost child; that lies buried beneath the weight of our responsibilities as humans and members of society.", says the band.

Lavina was created in the middle of 2020. After forming, the members spent most of the time writing and recording the songs for the band’s debut album - ODYSSEY, which is set to release on November 18. 2022.


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