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Laughing in Slow Motion Releases new single single ‘Midnight In L.A.’

Ottawa, Ontario based four piece Laughing In Slow Motion present another

track in their growing collection (which will eventually lead to a full album

release). The single “Midnight In L.A.” sees the band go into a faster, and

harder rock side than their previous single released in July 2022 - leading

everyone down a fast, punk laced path towards the finish line of a fully

completed album. We can expect another single to follow in 4 to 6 weeks, and more regularly afterwards.

You'll hear a thousand sounds and ride a roller coaster of emotions. Fasten

your seat belt and keep your hands and feet inside the ride, these 4

Canadian rockers are throwing back rock to the post grunge era, and doing it in a big, modern/DIY way.


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