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Latin bands honor Green Day and 30 years of “Kerplunk” in new compilation

Project includes Brazilian and Argentinian bands in versions of the iconic album

13 Brazilian and 3 Argentinian bands came together in a project and present Green Day fans with a tribute to the 31st anniversary of the album “Kerplunk”, which was the last Green Day release by an independent label, before entering the music circuit. major labels and explode with Dookie, which was the beginning of the band's partnership with music producer Rob Cavallo.

A record that has great representation for punk rock fans, Kerplunk is the second studio album by the punk rock band Green Day, released on January 17, 1992. It is also the first album that Tré Cool played, as Green Day's first album, 39/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, still featured former drummer John Kiffmeyer/Al Sobrante.

The release is an initiative of the Grudda Records label, with mastering by Davi Package, and cover by Paulinho Tscherniak. You can listen here:

The participating bands are:

1. “2000 Light Years Away” Os Ildefonsos / 2. “One for the Razorbacks” Flanders 72 / 3. “Welcome to Paradise” Bugui Asteroide (ARG) / 4. “Christie Road” Bubblegumers / 5. “Private Ale” Leandro Solitario (ARG) / 6. “Dominated Love Slave” Capones / 7. “One of My Lies” Janelles / 8. “80” Letícia Pires / 9. “Android” BRAmones / 10. “No One Knows” F. Snipes / 11. “Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?” Luke Mello / 12. “Words I Might Have Ate” Os Texugos / 13. “Sweet children” The Dramones (ARG) / 14. “Best thing in town” The Gilligans / 15. “Strangeland” Backdrop Falls / 16. “My generation” Tickets.


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