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Ladymen presents the stoner acid rock live session "En Vivo Desde el Ensayo"

The band is going to release a full album in the beggining of the next year 2023

Ladymen is a band from Altos de Jalisco that, through the live session En Vivo Desde el Ensayo, presents "De Tierra y Sal", "Sanguinario" and "Los Desiertos del Futuro", a psychedelic acid rock tracks with powerful guitars and tremendous force. The group has blues, punk, stoner and new psychedelia influences.

"In mid-2021, as the pandemic faded, we began planning our comeback and composed an energetic album full of very frenetic acid rock and stoner rock vibes projected to be released in the beggining of the next year 2023." - says the band.

On the meantime they’ve released a three-song live session in October 2022 titled “En Vivo Desde el Ensayo” (Live From the Rehearsals).


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