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Kevin the Persian releases debut album "Southern Dissonance"

Kevin the Persian has released his debut album Southern Dissonance on all streaming platforms. The album is also available on vinyl, cassette, and CD. All songs are written and performed by Kevin the Persian.

Short and high-intensity, Rock is Dead is an ode to rock sung from the perspective of a lifelong rock fan. The verses lament the death of rock while the chorus glorifies rock as the answer to all woes.

"Southern Dissonance was recorded over several months in 2021 in a tiny room in an old industrial building in New Orleans with no access to the outside world...meaning no internet (I don't own a cell phone). The goal was to go deep on each song with zero distractions for several hours at a time. Since most of the music I grew up loving was composed in a pre-internet world, I wanted to replicate that creative process as much as possible for Southern Dissonance to explore unorthodox musical and lyrical directions.", says

Kevin the Persian.


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