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Jaime’s Tone releases new single and music video “Take a Chance"

Jaime’s Tone has just released the official music video of its new single, entitled “Take a Chance”. The song will be available on all major streaming platforms on September 22nd, 2023.

The song, more pop-rock-oriented than previous titles, was mixed and mastered by the electro rock mixing and mastering engineer Etienne Pelosoff. “I had the utmost pleasure to work with Etienne, who did a great job with the song”, said Jacques from Jaime’s Tone. He adds: “I started working on some sections of ‘Take a Chance’ quite a long time ago. Only now have I had the opportunity to make it into a song, and I am really happy with the result”.

The lyrics basically expresses that we shall all take our chances when we have the opportunity. Ukrainian artist Liliia Kysil provided background vocals. This single is extracted from the upcoming Jaime’s Tone’s 3 rd album, currently planned to be released early 2024.

About Jaime’s Tone Jaime’s Tone is the artist’s name of Jacques M., a composer/songwriter/arranger based in Paris, France. Jaime's Tone’s unique sound is at the crossroad of pop, rock, hard rock and progressive rock. Jaime’s Tone has already released two albums: “Futuristic Apocalypse” in December 2021, and “Alone in the city of Dreams” in January 2023. “Futuristic Apocalypse” features ‘Chasing Shadows’, a cover from the American band Kansas, with special guest Eric Gillette from NMB on vocals. “Alone in the City of Dreams” includes the two singles ‘City of Dreams’ and ‘Genius’.


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