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Italian band Ignis Absconditus release new single "Mr. Smith"

Their second album will be released on february 2024, by italian label My Kingdom Music

IGNIS ABSCONDITUS is a musical project born from the minds of Henry Der Wanderer and Noctuaria in 2018 which, after the release of several works of Extreme Metal and Ambient music (Nebrus, Nott and Flusso Delirante Persecutorio), decided to explore a more intimate and decadent side of the music. In 2020 the duo released a mini-album titled "Lost Equilibrium", more oriented into Dark-Neofolk with acoustic elements.

In 2022 the first full-length album titled "Portrait Of Beyond" was composed and released and this time the sound begins to be closer to Dark Rock and decadent Gothic with touches of Doom. The album arrives in the hands of My Kingdom Music who immediately offers a contract to the band for the realization of a new album. In the meantime, the band's line-up is enriched with two new entries: Jack-G on guitars and Dani B-life on bass.

The band begins the recordings of the new album "Golden Horses Of A Dying Future" which differs from the past for homogeneity and power. The album will be released via My Kingdom Music on February 2, 2024.


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