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Israeli metal band Illegal Mind releases new single “Turning Back”

Illegal Mind is alternative metal band from Tel Aviv, Israel, found in 2018. The band released their debut EP “Forbidden Content” in 2020, and are currently finishing their new EP. The First single of the new EP is out, “Turning Back” is avalaible on all streaming plataforms and also available for download on BandCamp.

“We think “Turning Back” is heavier than the previous releases, musically inspired by Refused, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park(?). The song was inspired by Maxx’ ex-girlfriend, when he noticed that she basically turns back to previous thoughts and actions, which she used to. We always return to our previous selves, no matter how many times we try to change, even if it’s not that good for us. But usually we don’t need to, for nobody, especially if it makes us feel awful. We are turning back to what we used to, is also the decision on recording the album like we used to, DIY, from the comfort of our own studio!” – says the band.

The band started rehearsing in one of the Tel Aviv studios in February 2018. After several jams with several musicians, a 4-person band was born. The idea for the name was born accidentally after reading some of the texts by vocalist Max Datskovsky by other band members. The texts talk about a dystopian future and a mythological end of the world as we know it. Inspired by books, computer games and movies from the last century. The band has a singing call about where humanity is headed and how to avoid it.


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