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Irish artist The Survival Code release new single "Can't Be Explained"

Irish artist based in the UK since 2009. The Survival Code has been going over 10 years and they found their feet in 2018 with the album "Hopelessness Of People" as a duo and in conjunction with our esteemed producer "MATT HYDE" Uk. They are known for their grooves, riffs, melodies and energy aside from being on the spectrum between light rock and metal throughout our songs. The band's new album Whispers Of Woe is out at the end of the year after the campaign of 12 singles in 12 months.

"Can't Be Explained" is their 9th single of 2023 as part of our 12 in 12 and offers a more measured and textured song all underpinned by the groove and melodies that the duo become known for.


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