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Interview: Amphettamine creates cinematic atmospheres in new album "De: Compondo"

Amphettamine’s debut album "De: Compondo" mixes influences from the Grunge and Gothic universe, creating something original and innovative in alternative music. Thirteen tracks make up the album, the first of which is an introduction.

All lyrics are about personal themes of Amandha Ribaski (founder of Amphettamine), following an obscure and everyday theme, seeking to be as real and sincere as possible, with the instrumental following the nuances. The album had some guest appearances and was produced in the studio "Funds House", being released by the label Electric Funeral Records.

Amphettamine is a solo project, idealized and founded in early 2020 in Curitiba/Brazil , by Amandha Ribaski (composer and vocalist). In the lyrical aspect, these are obscure, real and everyday themes, inspired by personal situations. The melodies accompany the nuances, seeking their originality and containing influences of post grunge, Gothic and industrial.

Invited musicians: Roberto Hendrigo (Remedy Tones, Marven James, ex-Semblant), Malcom Gouvêa (Independente) and Jefferson Verdani (Cülpado, Jailor, Axecuter and Sadtheory), who made appearances in some songs, as composers or performers.

In this interview, we talked with Amandha Ribaski about his musical influences, future plans, trajectory, among other curiosities. Check it out!

Where did the name "Amphettamine" come from? The name Amphettamine arose in my adolescence. I was doing a study on substances harmful to humans and found that amphetamine was classified as one of the most dangerous, for being present in almost all illicit drugs and for its high risk of dependence. I also read about all the effects of the substance, which besides the destructive side, has similar characteristics with the symptoms of also destructive, panic attacks and depression, which have direct relationships to the messages that I approach a lot in the lyrical part of the songs. That is why I chose the name "Amphettamine" (with two "t"s, forming a cross standing and one upside down to symbolize the good and evil of things).

How and when did the project come about?

The concrete idea of the project emerged in 2020 during the pandemic, but since I was a child I dreamed of my musical project. So during Lockdown I took a break from the other bands I was in and had time to give life to my solo project that became Amphettamine. I always wanted this project, so much so that I had some letters saved for about 15 years. It was very natural how everything came about because I already had a lot idealized in my mind.

How was the process of recording and writing the full album released?

It was all very natural! Luckily I had a strong connection with the producer of the studio where I recorded and he quickly captured all my ideas, helping me a lot in the compositions. So, I can say that the recording and composition of the Full album were very natural and pleasant. Another interesting fact about the recordings is that I sing, but I do not play the instruments well, so I sang as I wanted the instrumental melodies and the producer recorded for me! Some invited musicians also helped me in this part, which was very fun and yielded some internal jokes, haha!

What are your main musical influences?

I’m an eclectic person in rock, I like from blues to black metal, but I can say that for sure my biggest influences come from the grunge and gothic universe. Some names I could mention are: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Silverchair, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Anathema, Katatonia, Type O' Negative and others.

What inspirations are present in this latest release? Do the compositions address personal stories?

I tried to be as truthful as possible, so all the compositions are personal stories, inspired by my own feelings about the problems I face with depression, panic syndrome and family crises. It’s kind of my vent.

The last release was very well received in the specialized music sites. How are you seeing such positive feedback from the released material?

I am very happy and excited so that my songs can go even further and play a greater number of people who identify with what I feel and transmit through music! It is a dream coming true and I am ecstatic to be being recognized for it, because I gave all my heart and soul in this project!

Your songs demonstrate a lot of intensity and delivery. Is there any composition that is more special to you?

All the songs are special precisely because of the intensity and delivery I deposited in them, but I can say that the song "In Despair" is the one that has a little bit bigger in my heart!


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