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Inspired by Scandinavian metal and 00’s classics Ever Doubt share new single ‘My Betrayal’

​Founded by vocalist and guitarist David Garibov, and inspired by Scandinavian metal along with the rhythms and aggression of the 00’s classics (along with David’s Armenian heritage) the project based in NYC took this mix of influences to the US for the favor of metalheads.

Ever Doubt’s single, ‘My Betrayal’ tells the story of a breakup from the perspective of the one who initiated it. The feeling of guilt and sadness one feels is present throughout the song through the heavy sounds and big chorus.

‘My Betrayal’ is a breakup anthem for anyone that has had to make a difficult decision, knowing that someone is going to end up getting hurt. The goal of this song is to help and connect with people who are dealing with hard situations and putting the blame on themselves. ‘My Betrayal’ was mixed, mastered, and recorded in Machine Shop Studios.


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